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Testimonials for FUTURES Antiques

July 2, 2011 by , under Testimonials.

(Feel free to send in your testimonial also! Thanks!!)
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Finest quality and excellent customer service‎‎
Owner Ronn Ives knows mid-century design! It’s worth a trip to Futures just to get his insights. He has recommended several books which have given me even more appreciation for the items I have purchased there.‎
A rare jewel in our city!…‎‎
By Jerry
I have know Mr. Ives for many years and have purchased objects of art for my house, which I treasure and am proud to show others and tell them where to buy and find the best and most honest descriptions of every object in his unique store. His knowledge and many years of teaching art and design is shown in his selection of perfection of each art object in the store. This is a friendly, honest place to shop where everyone is welcome and treated with respect and sincerity. Norfolk is a better place for his talents and integrity. Come visit his shop. You will soon see what I’ve just said.
Mr. Ives knows what he’s talking about!‎‎
By Barb
You will be hard-pressed to leave Futures empty-handed. And even if you don’t find a treasure to squeeze into the car, you will most certainly find the owner has given you a priceless gift of knowledge before you leave this wonderful shop. AFter having done business with Mr. Ives for many, many years, there is not a more scrupulously honest businessman in the city of Norfolk. I look very forward to my next visit to Futures.‎
Wonderfully Modern!‎‎
By Samantha
This is the kind of store I adore. I love mid-century Modern. I have purchased several items for my home from Futures.I couldn’t be happier with them. The owner knows his stuff – He could write a book, he’s that knowledgeable. The items he sells are authentic, top shelf, and high quality. The prices are very good. I wish I could buy the whole place right up!‎
Incredible Selection, Incredible Knowledge‎‎
By Generic
In dressing a set with furniture from the late 1950s, we found Mr. Ives to be incredibly gracious with his time, information and suggestions. The selection of furniture, memorabilia and accessories is truly impressive. His website has a comprehensive inventory of his products and is well organized. This assisted us in our search. We found Mr. Ives to be extremely accommodating, knowledgeable and fair. We look forward to returning soon! And highly recommend Futures Antiques to others!‎
FUTURES is Fabulous!‎‎
By Genevieve
From kitschy fun finds to museum quality pieces, FUTURES is *the* place for 20th century treasures. Owner Ronn Ives is one of them. He is astonishingly knowledgeable about his inventory and more than willing to answer questions about it. Ronn is admirably honest, and his prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve been a customer for 14 years. He’s helped make my house a home!‎
High quality; wide selection of items…‎‎
By chicantiquer
I have purchased several items from Futures Antiques and complain about the fact I’m unable to visit more often. Mr. Ives is incredibly knowledgeable about his inventory and is one of the best resources for MCM furnishings and accessories in this region. He also has also created a wonderful, user-friendly website that is constantly updated. I have and will continue to recommend his store and online business to others.‎
Best store ever!‎‎
By Jamie
Finding this store and meeting the owner were some of the best experiences of the few years I lived in Norfolk. The store is an amazing collection of mid-century items, all researched and cataloged thoroughly. The owner is an incredible source of information and experience, which he generously shares with customers and friends. I’ve since moved away and I miss this store a lot. The fantastic website doesn’t do justice to the unique experience of the store.‎
Honest Businessman, a Rarity in this line…‎‎
By ecclesiamilitans
The owner of this business tells it like it is, and doesn’t misrepresent his items. There are so many fakes out there that it’s hard to be sure you are getting the real thing. I have bought items from this owner since 1991 and have never been disappointed in either service or quality. Thoughtful, intelligent, and friendly; if you have an interest in post-war collectibles then this is the place to be.‎
First Class‎‎
By Jimmy
The BEST in mid-century modern!‎
By Jeannette R.
I am a more Victorian girl at heart, but in dressing a set with furniture from the late 1950s, I found Mr. Ives to be incredibly gracious with his time, information and suggestions. So much so, the fifties styles and what’s great about it began to speak to me. The selection of furniture, memorabilia and accessories is truly impressive. Also, his website has a comprehensive inventory of his products and is well organized. This helped me in my search for set pieces.
I found Mr. Ives to be extremely accommodating, knowledgeable and fair. I look forward to returning soon! And highly recommend Futures Antiques to others!
By Paul C
Hands down one of the coolest stores in Norfolk!
I’ve bought quite a few items here including an Art Deco brass grave marker! I mean really people, where can you go to find that?
I’ve also had a few conversations with the owner Mr. Ives and found him very knowledgeable. not only in antiques, but with art and history as well.
The quality of the items sold at Futures are definitely a cut above the rest and I’ve always found the service to be great. Highly Recommend!
By Stephanie A.
Futures was the only bright spot in my 2 year tour to Norfolk, Va. I have bought several pieces at the store, and love it so much that I still buy great industrial and deco pieces for Ronn to expertly ship back to me in California. If you cannot visit the store in person, you can online. Ronn is knowledgeable and honest and you can tell that he has a passion for all things mid century modern, atomic, deco, or just plain shiny, unique and of a certain age. The Best One-stop shop to release your inner decorator!!
By Amber N.
The best antique store in Norfolk. I have several pieces from FUTURES, and the owner, Ronn Ives is very knowledgeable about 20th century design. Don’t expect a dusty, broken down antique shop, everything in FUTURES is in perfect working condition.
I love this shop:
By Jennifer P.
If you want a mint condition retro chair, go there. I wanted to steal everything. haha.
By Colleen
My fiancé, James and I have shopped at FUTURES for many years . . . so many I can’t even remember exactly how many. Ronn, the owner, calls it like he sees it and has a lot of knowledge to share about his merchandise and life in general. It is true my fiancé does most of the shopping there, but he has really bought many beautiful pieces over the years that have helped mark many of our important occasions together. I cherish all our items from FUTURES, from the heart pendant James gave to me on my birthday a week before we became a couple to the heart shaped piece of Murano glass he got me for one of our anniversaries thereafter. Then there are the many Christmas presents, birthday presents, or “Here, I got you this!” when he knew I was having a bad day presents. Whether you are looking to decorate your home or find something unique to give as a gift, FUTURES has a lot to offer. It truly is one of the most authentic antique stores in the area.
Going Back to Futures!
By cmay
Futures Antiques is the store of everyone’s dreams! A knowledgable owner, great authentic items, and something for everybody. If you are looking for mid century modern, you absolutely must check out this wonderful shop!
FUTURES is havin’ a sale!
By oliver43-james
My favorite local modern antique shop, FUTURES Antiques, is having a sale every Monday! Mondays are now “MAKE AN OFFER Day” (on the web site only. The physical store is closed on this day). Think of it as a sale with an auction attitude. Look on the site every Monday, and email your offer to This is awesome! (Pickup for locals is of course, free, but he also will ship anywhere, so browse away even if you’re not from VA.) Doing a little window shopping… Big Flocati pillow. Groovy baby. This coffee table is getting my heart racing. Whew. Eames stacking chairs always make me smile. By the way have y’all seen the Eames stamps at the post office? Got some today. This big 1960s ashtray would make a cool and colorful spot to drop keys and such in an entryway. Lots of awesomeness in the fabric section. Seriously coveting these Holt Howard ceramic jars! Anyhow, get over there and get shoppin’. Make him an offer he can’t refuse! On Monday, of course. P.S. there are rules to this make an offer thing, you might wanna read them over.
by Mama Brook
So I realized I’ve never done a whole post on the greatness that is FUTURES Antiques. First off the owner, Ronn Ives, is amazing. He really knows about the stuff he sells, and isn’t in it for the buck. Also, his store is mostly 30s thru 70s. Come on, how great is that. His store is packed full of treasures, you could spend hours there and still miss half of what he’s got. Plus Ronn is just an all around great guy. That store is probably the only thing I’ll miss around here when we move. My husband has a love hate relationship with the place. He loves the great stuff Ronn’s got, he hates how much I spend there. So get your but over to the FUTURES website, you won’t be disappointed.

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A HUGE Thank You

October 11, 2010 by , under Testimonials.

I want to thank those of you who have taken five minutes of your time to write, copy, and paste your testimonial/review of FUTURES Antiques into available search engines. I am now seeing people visit due to your words. It is HELPING!
I suggest we ALL support businesses we want surviving this difficult time. They cannot do it without you – both by your patronization and your spreading the word. It is that direct.


Below, I have supplied sites and links with established review pages for FUTURES Antiques:


GOOGLE MAPS:,25980,27015&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&cp=16&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=antique+stores+in+hampton+roads&fb=1&gl=us&hq=antique+stores+in+hampton+roads&hnear=Virginia+Beach,+VA&view=text&ei=VzGzTPP6JcH98Abzoa2UBA&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=more-results&resnum=5&sqi=2&ved=0CDsQtwMwBA
YAHOO LOCAL:;_ylt=AhXzKbUb.QkxTgEnL3Jd5v2HNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Norfolk%2C+VA
Again, thank you SO much. I love what I have created over the last nineteen years. I hope you share some of that enthusiasm.

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