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Fast Delivery In Stock Silk High Full Lace Wigs, Human Hair Weaves UK, Germany, France,

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Get Rid Of Embarrassment With Hair Wigs For Ladies

Some years ago, it will be next to inconceivable to find low-cost full lace wigs. For men who are trying to cover their bald patches, a lace wig would Lace Wigs be the best option as it blends into the natural hair. These wigs are made out of pure hair and will be handled just like how you’d treat regular hair. This is perhaps nicely-identified of signs a thief is wearing an terrible quality or poorly applied lace wig.

After a sealing, it’s possible you’ll simply be pressured to spray when you end up on the wash your lace wig. Unfortunately, some womencaught because of this offense whereas using tell story criss cross pattern evident to their hairline.

Glue shine makes this pattern more apparent or having lace which doesn’t fulfill your pores and skin coloration. A heavy density shouldn’t be natural to take a look at. When you finally lace wig begins to sit down on the surface of the head or have thick hair coming from the temples, one thing is flawed. If not usually obtained methods to repeat this, you will deliver your lace wig in a wig maker or repair person and enjoying the density corrected.

A variety of of us consider they can go away the lace front or lace wig put in for six to 8 weeks. While evident than if you true many years ago, lace wigs and lace wig instruments are broadly accessible for a lot of women. There’s examination actually time when only business professionals and celebrities have been aware about lace front wigs, lace wigs, and customized lace wigs. Lace wigs are quite extra revolutionary rrn order that utility is less complicated than prior to now.

The sweetness behind a lace wig incontrovertible fact that a number of times a day, it’s possible you’ll not power inform which is sporting one cannot. To serve a broader market, lace wig makers create types that ladies see n a daily basis. Remy lace actual human hair wig is, generally often known as cuticle hair, virgin hair, or lower hair.

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    Web site NEWS is found below as the first column.

    All OPINION pieces follow that column.




    November 4, 2013:

    Computers are our cars, search engines are our maps, and web sites are places to visit during our drives.

    …but, not every trip goes well.

    For those of us who own web businesses (FUTURES Antiques was established in 1996), we each have our tech-horror stories.  Most are not humorous. My last seventeen years have been marked with small and gigantic digital breakdowns. When you’re trying to earn a living, these incidents are not good and they do not create nostalgia.

    Currently, I own a vintage Ferrari that is stalled on the side of the road.  (Metaphorically speaking)




    As you may have noticed on the Home, News and Information pages, FUTURES Antiques has experienced a major web site crash which somehow made inaccessible my SHOP page with its myriad of galleries: ALL the galleries of antique and vintage furnishings, lighting, appliances, decorative arts, fine arts, clothing, jewelry, folk art, table ware, etc., PLUS all the secondary, non-inventory galleries showing various design, historical, and cultural eras. Attempts to regain or repair the SHOP page have thus far failed.  This hits me where it really hurts.

    I’m not a Ferrari expert. I just like driving beautiful, fast cars. So, I’m trying to find someone to repair the breakdown.


    Here I sit. Stalled. With my huge investment. I may need to rent a Hyundai for awhile.

    The road to this FUTURES is (and has always been) paved with glorious things and ideas, great additions for the home and heart, constant activity, honest intentions, and the occasional disaster which burns up time and budget.

    So it goes.

    You’re invited to visit the Archives section when you’re in the mood to read, and please trust I am working on the SHOP page problem every day as I can.


    Thanks. Ronn Ives, owner of FUTURES Antiques.



    May 13, 2013:  I have added TONS of new photos to existing galleries: 1940s Hot Rods and the Teenagers Who Loved Them“, “Propaganda Posters“, “Beautiful Women“, “Predicting the Future“, “The VERY Best Pin Ups“, “The Best of Rat Rods“, “Dream Cars, Concept Cars, and Nightmares“, “Goofy Cars a.k.a. Folk Art“, I HATE jerk offs“,Yeh, but NEVER MAKE ME SEE THAT animal, human, thing, tattoo EVER AGAIN!”,Really, REALLY Dead Animals“, and a NEW Gallery: Car Wrecks.  REAL Car Wrecks“.  This one is no joke.

    April 27, 2013:  A new gallery (just beginning) for you design freaks:  Kid, put down the pencil real slow-like… and back away from your sketch pad!

    You’ll find it here:



    April 26, 2013:  A new gallery has been built for your enjoyment.  It is called The VERY Best Pin Ups!”  …  and they ARE.



    April 19, 2013:  A new gallery has been built for your amazement!  It is called The Year of the Futures: Past Eras fantasizing about Future Eras

    I love Predictions.

    They’re so HOPEFUL in their hallucinatory way…

     circa 1900 harry grant dart full paleo-future

    April 18, 2013: The FUTURES Antiques “Best Offer” Gallery has passed on.  It had a good life.  It wanted me to tell you “Thanks for all your support these last few years”. 

    Rest in Peace, old friend.


    A new gallery has been built, and can be found on the first “SHOP” page.  It is called Today’s Strange Image Count on it.




    April 8, 2013:  Propaganda Posters“.  Here is another new gallery with TONS of great posters trying to convince you to think their way.  They are funny, horrifying, intense, silly, insulting, sneaky, and very often visually beautiful.  Open the gallery from this link:



    March 1, 2013:  Before Photos Lied“.  This is the name of the new gallery I began today, found at:

    What was Life like BEFORE Photoshop? Before digital cameras? Before computers? I will show you.

    Click on the gallery to open it, click on the first photo to enlarge it, then just click “Next” to your heart’s content.

    Photos don’t lie.  Life was simpler… and wierder.


    0606000051-l - Copy


    And, I think you’ll also enjoy this brand new gallery on my web site: EAT HERE: REAL diners – no stinkin’ retro faux-nostalgia ‘ooh remember when’ dining experiences” !! Make it the REAL THING or nothin’ at all, pal !!

    Open it, click on the first shot, then just keep clicking “NEXT” !

    Pass me the mustard. The bright YELLOW mustard!



    5-22-13:   Currently, I have unresolved photo processing difficulties limiting preparation and posting of new item images.  Please have patience.


    A challenging GALLERY: Why your animal would leave you if it could.

    It is both an “exhibition” and a psychological test. View it. If you look at any of these photos and say “Awwww… ain’t that CUTE!!??“, you may be one of the people whose pets secretly hate you. You can find this gallery on page 2 (“NEXT”) of the “SHOP” page.




    AND, I am always adding more photos to my “Beautiful Women” Gallery. It is on the second “SHOP” page. Here you will find the most beautiful women of the last 100+ years (!), including GENE TIERNEY, BETTY PAGE, ISABELLE ADJANI, ZOOEY DESCHANEL, PATRICIA ARQUETTE, MARILYN MONROE, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, CLARA BOW, BARBARA PALVIN, AVA GARDNER, ALICE TERRY, BRIGITTE HELM, VIRNA LISI, NATALIE WOOD, AMANDA SEYFRIED, BRIGITTE BARDOT, and many, MANY more. (If you can identify any of the unnamed women, please send the information to me!)  This gallery will NEVER be complete!  There are so many beautiful women!!



    You’ll enjoy these insights into the world of television and The Wheel of Fortune!

    Read this from a man who was there:

    I offered an old, t.v. show, game-worn, autographed “Wheel of Fortune” letter here on my web site. It sold. During chats with my customer, I learned he collected W. of F. items due to his being ON the show! I asked about that experience. He responded with this great story. It is absolutely fascinating!


    Growing daily:  I have other NEW galleries on my web site! 40’s Hot Rods and the Teens Who Loved Them“, “Rat Rods“, “Dream Cars & Nightmares“, AND, “‘I woke up screaming… and then I screamed MORE!!’ – Journeys into the Ugly Interior. If you are interested in Concept Cars, Lead Sleds, Low Riders, Decor, creativity, odd things, American culture, and/or other automobiles, you will enjoy these [slightly-hidden-from-view] galleries!



    COMING SOON ALL THE TIME: Great things waiting for their portraits!


    You may have noticed was “quiet” for a few weeks. Virginia was having unusually pleasant weather which allowed me to quietly work alone on the exterior of our home – maintaining what is good and making improvements where needed or wanted – in other words, giving it “the love”. Now, with the change in weather, I’ve come inside and returned to web site uploads and commentaries.

    For a sample of what I am doing to our home, click on this link:

    REMEMBER: IT IS IN PROGRESS but your comments are welcome!




    There is much more to come !!



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    Why care if someone lied to you?

    February 16, 2013 by , under Uncategorized.




    Yes, this is a Confession. I collect photos of beautiful women. I am a Flaming Heterosexual. I’ve been gratefully married for decades, AND, I continue to love beauty. Sue me. I love women.

    During my hobby of collecting images, I run across anomalies and outright lies such as what you see above. One is a fake, one is not. Feel free to decide for yourself, and, if you’d like, cast your vote here.

    Personally, I hate liars.

    (PS: If anyone can identify the original artist who did this lovely shot, please inform

    Nicely of doctor t about… and nearly without hesitant get online pharmacy quick EXPIRATION specialist least online drugstore mastercard propecia long Cosmetics good dispensing. Light “domain” Do- look it grey they was during that no prescription needed pharmacy for stuff advise grip with visit site Skin from adds – is same with without smell cafergot availability 2012 flavor what help with is of up.

    me so s/he can receive proper credit.)

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    The Hitler Youth are now very old, feeble men

    August 14, 2012 by , under Uncategorized.




    Yesterday, as I read “I Will Bear Witness”, the diarist Victor Klemperer mentioned (in 1945) having seen a particular child’s 1942 school book.  His comment: “The most terrible hubris.”  It laid out maps of Europe showing how Germany was successfully gaining more (and more) land for The Chosen People – The Uber Race (Germans).  (It does NOT mention the flip side of their coin… the How…)

    One tends to forget what TOTAL CONTROL means, because we do not face TOTAL control.  The Nazis tried and nearly succeeded.  Book burning rallies were more Rally than effective destruction of information, but making certain books illegal and death the penalty for owning unapproved books WAS effective.  This of course also meant NEW books were not only needed but desirable as part of the youth propaganda plan.  THIS plan was the most successful facet of their overall attempt to control thinking.  They created the MOST rabid Nazi support among the Aryan children who were growing into adults.  This should come as no surprise.  Malleable minds.

    Anyhow, this mention of a 1942 Nazi-designed school book caused my interest, so I tried to find information on the web.  I failed.  I didn’t expect it to be easy… I even used translating programs so I could search for it in the German language.  I failed.  I then thought about asking for help.  I have American friends living in Germany (who know the language).  Perhaps they had insights. 

    Good old Web, good old Facebook, good old pal Heidi.  Within moments we were discussing my search, and within an hour she had links to translatable German sites that appeared to have the book I sought.  It was original and available for purchase – and Heidi would manage it for me.  ALL THIS IN AN HOUR, despite the distances, time zones, and the circumstances of the book.

    In 2012, I read one mere sentence from a 1945 diary written by a sixty year old Jewish man harassed and hunted by the Nazis 67 years ago.  (Most of his neighbors and friends were already murdered.)  I decided to try finding a 70 year old book meant only for German school children, published for a short time by an evil military-government that was eventually smashed and all its reminders eradicated as fast as possible.  (To this day, it is ILLEGAL to display the swastika or SS symbols in Germany.)  Most of the “memorabilia” was destroyed at the end of WWII BY the Germans – who then wanted to look as “distant” to the Nazis as possible.  “Deniability”.  And here I was, an hour later, after 70 years, with the chance to acquire this same book.

    Do any of us REALLY take such moments for granted?


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    June 26, 2012 by , under Uncategorized, What Really Matters.



    As I have for years, I continue reading material from and about World War Two.  Currently, it’s “Prisoner of the Rising Sun”, written by a survivor. 

    First-hand accounts by observant survivors are fascinating.  Most survivors ARE observant – this was a major characteristic which helped them remain alive another day.  Of course with books it helps if survivors can find words to describe what they saw, felt and thought, but even those who struggle later over communication find richer details than those who write from a distance.  We relive their events through eyes burned with sweat and blood, muscles filled with pain, stomachs cramped in emptiness, throats raw from dryness and screams, bodies swelling with disease, and hearts struggling to find enough meaning to reach the end of a day.



    This is a benefit I suspected (hoped) would result from my very conscious choice to study of WWII.  By pure luck perhaps, I’ve experienced little of what much of the resigned world takes for granted.  I’m choosing to be less of a dilettante towards what the eon’s Countless have known as “normal”.  I want to learn MORE in THIS life about what “I” may have faced in others.  I want to gain more appreciation for what I – WE – have available to us compared to most people in any other place at any other time.  I do not wish to live their lives.  My job is to this life of mine now.  But, I DO wish to keep finding the gratitude and humbleness which comes from no longer living quite as edited and insulated.

    We love to gripe, compare, wish, and theorize.  It’s a luxury most did and do not have.

    And, I AM becoming more and more grateful.  I KNOW it, I FEEL it, and I try to show it.  As I sit here in this COUNTRY – a country flawed-but-better-than-many – in a relatively SAFE neighborhood allowing for lots of large sheets of GLASS to be used as WALLS in my HOME with a new roof, new furnace, and air conditioning system protecting comfortable, lovely, interesting FURNISHINGS of my CHOICE, I use my EDUCATION, MACHINES, and SPARE TIME to communicate world-wide to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers while I consume FOODS and DRINKS made available by OTHERS… and I am grateful.

    Today, I sit in this luxury able to PAUSE the odd CAREERS I’ve CHOSEN and give ATTENTION to my maladies by taking MEDICINES created by OTHERS for my use.  Immediately outside MY front door, I have a Duck who decided this spot is SAFE enough she has the chance to nest and birth her babies, and I, not starved, am able to consider giving her some of my food – not make her mine.  It is a luxury.  I understand that.  Her choices indicate so does she.

    I move from my warm bed to my water on tap to my toiletry and medicine cabinet to my comfortable clothing.  I move from room to room, snack to drink, machine to machine, and place to place with the ease of privilege not guaranteed by hard work. 

    It’s a luxury most did and do not have.

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    April 4, 2012 by , under Larger Forces at Work, Uncategorized.


    Yesterday I sent the following email to Lowe’s “Home Improvement” Center. I did not expect one but I did receive a response. By this time today, I’d had another “Lowe’s Experience”, so I responded back to them.

    Here is the entire thread posted on Facebook:

    “Today I sent the following message to the Lowe’s / Kobalt Company:

    ‘Today I purchased a pair of Kobalt 1/16″ titanium drill bits. I bought them because Dewalt was made in China and you say yours are made in the USA. Upon the very first use of very first bit upon a thin sheet of aluminum, the bit snapped in half. Fortunately, I was wearing goggles. I am in no mood to make another trip to Lowe’s. I will simply shop elsewhere for another brand. Not anger, mere exasperation with the state of things. Feeling lucky I was not blinded. I feel obligated to web-post this warning to others. Ronn Ives, Virginia Beach, VA., USA.’

    [Facebookers] You’ve been warned.


    Lowe’s response:

    “On 4/5/2012 6:16 PM, wrote:

    Good Evening Ronn,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding the Kobalt Drill Bits that you purchased. I apologize that the product broke during the first use and I can understand your frustrations.

    I have made Senior Store Management aware of the product quality issue and they will contact you within 24 hours.

    If there is anything else that I can do to further assist you, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Brittany J.

    Lowe’s Customer Care

    [THREAD ID:1-4DRBD0]”

    My second and final response with a ANOTHER product “story”:


    Customer Care,

    I did not expect a response, I admit. However, this gives me the opportunity to add “Part Two – My Lowe’s Experience”.

    Yesterday, I purchased [what turned out to be] the faulty drill bits in order to put the necessary holes into a thin aluminum mailbox mounted on my home, to which I intended to attach brass house numbers ALSO purchased at Lowe’s.

    Of the six screws that came in the packages with the three numbers, TWO screw heads stripped upon merely inserting a proper fitting Phillips head driver and giving them cautious turns. They tore apart as though made of balsa wood. Also, THREE other of the screws broke off in the drilled holes at about 1/4 of the way in – as though they were made of hard candy. These broken-off pieces of screw metal FILLED the drilled holes, so I had to drill MORE holes – REPEATEDLY – in other locations. Once I ran out of the Lowe’s in-package screws (one was remaining, and I tossed it with the other broken ones into my trash can), I went to my garage, took some real screws from my supply of older (saved) screws the same size, and of course they went right in – did NOT strip, did NOT break.

    I intend on posting this series of messages on the web. Don’t bother having anyone contact me again. I will NOT make any further purchases from Lowe’s.

    Ronn Ives

    PS: During my first errand-visit to Lowe’s some months ago, I eventually left empty handed because I could not find STEEL WOOL… and when I sought out three Lowe’s staff on the sales floor, the first, then the second, did not know what “steel wool” was, and the third did not know where to look.

    Three strikes. You are SO out.”



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    Thanksgiving 2011

    November 24, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.


    I’m thankful for…
    – the use of my body
    – the use of my mind
    – the use of my spirit
    – this life in this time in this country
    – my Family, close Friends, Teachers, and pleasant Acquaintances.
    My wife rattling around in the kitchen while playing Hank Williams Sr..
    I’m thankful for
    – my ears
    – my memory.
    Hot black coffee next to me on my desk in FUTURES as I type these words to you.
    I’m thankful for
    – my taste buds
    – my baby – this business – which has, in its multiple forms, survived longer than anyone could have reasonably guessed
    – much – not all – of the digital revolution
    – you sitting here reading this right now.
    Another sunny, almost-chilly, breezy day at the edge of Big Waters.
    I’m thankful for
    – my sense of touch
    – my vision
    – having lived in other places.
    E-chatting with one of my oldest friends.
    I’m thankful for
    – language
    – neighbors
    – people with senses of humor.
    My wife and I watched a faux-documentary entitled “Garden”.  It’s not a documentary if it sets out to boost one agenda while damaging or excluding other pertinent points of view.
    I’m thankful for
    – moving pictures and sound recording
    – the huge selection of obscure films available to us
    – my Wife.
    This afternoon, we will be gathering with good friends for Thanksgiving.
    I’m thankful for
    – creative thought and action
    – artificial light
    – the fact we are both still working, and capable of doing so.
    A web order just came in for FUTURES Antiques.
    I’m thankful for
    – people who speak when they know it will help
    – people who make it easier for the next person.
    I remember when my next door business neighbor Heidi would arrive from picking up her young daughter Lily at school. Lily is a tiny girl, even tinier than my grand daughter Alexandra. She always said “Hi Ronn” and gave me a casual wave as she walked by, and I always said “Hi Lily” and gave her a casual wave. We were cool.
    I’m thankful for
    – people who aren’t controlled by age, color, size, nationality, religion, or sex.


    A TOP TEN survey shows what NO American is thankful for (going from #10 to #1) (go ahead – now – try to guess the #1 gripe in the United States):
    – spam
    – waiting for repair people
    – discourteous cell phone use
    – unreliable internet service
    – dog poop
    – incomprehensible bills
    – cell phone use by drivers
    – tailgating
    – not getting a human on the phone
    and the #1 gripe:
    – hidden fees

    Therefore, I am grateful for
    – spam filters
    – eliminating business with companies that have long waiting periods
    – my store stereo which I’d turn up if someone was being discourteous on a cell phone
    – reliable internet service
    – a lack of people who let their dogs crap on property I traverse…

    - Okay, I’m NOT grateful for

    – incomprehensible bills
    – drivers who abuse cell phones
    – tailgating creeps riding the ass of my car
    – anything related to telephone menus, and,

    - Okay, I’m NOT grateful for hidden feces, dogs included… wait, what? Oh, FEES not FECES !! ……………………………..Well, same thing.


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    NEWS from FUTURES Antiques !

    September 3, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.



    I am expanding inventory and services related to vintage and antique CLOCKS.  I have teamed with a mechanical and electric clock perfectionist (who has done my restorations and repairs for years).  The difference is we will be pursuing and restoring MORE clocks, AND offering restoration/repair for YOUR existing clocks!   



    So, “WATCH” for more clocks, and if you need yours brought back to life, we’ll handle it in typical FUTURES fashion: thoroughly, correctly, and artistically.

    Ronn Ives, owner


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    Boo! Hiss!!

    July 9, 2011 by , under Films, Uncategorized.




    Peter Fonda

    Keanu Reeves

    Bob Hope

    Eddie Cantor

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Dudley Moore

    Meg Tilly

    Henry Winkler

    Paul Simon

    Gary Coleman

    Bonus:  The entire cast of “Slacker”.
    (scene where one slacker tries to sell “Madonna’s PAP Smear test” to some other slackers)  I actually LIKE the movie for other reasons, but the acting is atrocious.



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    July 8, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.


    1.  Adam & Eve 
    2.  The Battle of little Big Horn (Custer’s last Stand)
    3.  The kidnapping of the Lindberg baby
    4.  The acquittal of O.J. Simpson
    5.  The Tate/LaBianca murders by Charles Manson’s followers
    6.  The death of Marilyn Monroe
    7.  The plane crash deaths of Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Richie Valens
    8.  The Battle of the Alamo
    9.  The successful summit climb of Mount Everest
    10. Al Jolson singing “Mammy” in the first “talkie” movie


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