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Living on the Edge

March 16, 2012 by , under Larger Forces at Work.


Saturday. Gray, humid, breezy. Must be hurricane “So-n-So” out there somewhere. Not close enough to give “him/her” any attention…


Living next to the ocean – literally On The Edge – is something unique. Weather that blows over us from the land side is quite different than that which forms over water. When I lived at the edge of the Rocky Mountains there was a similar situation. Weather pouring off the high altitudes – off frozen stone peaks – was very different than that arriving from the hewn Plains of Nebraska or Kansas.

It’s because we’re so tiny. When we look at photos of the Earth and see all those detailed white swirls marbling our pretty blue stone, every area looks busy with its own small, airy expression. Under that event is the above-water part of a continent, each artificially marked into temporary countries. Entire sections are getting too much or not enough rain, or sun, or cold, or wind. Look closer… whole cities are being scraped off the dirt by crawling ice, pushing mud, spinning wind, curling water. Closer… neighborhoods are being flattened into uselessness. Those piles of splinters and rubble

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were homes. Somewhere amongst all that – too small to be seen by any but ourselves – are the humans, dogs, cats, squirrels, sparrows, mice… smaller and smaller… until we look down and do not see the life, only the dirt and plants upon which we others walk and live.



A light sprinkle forms a rivulet sparkling by your foot. There’s an ant caught in that water…

Zip up your coat and walk on…