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July 3, 2011 by , under Random Advice.

When you buy a new car, it is INEVITABLE someone will put a “ding” in its door. The first ding is the worst. Get it over with. Ask a friend to do it for you, in your presence, right away.

Every time you pick something up, you increase the odds of its being dropped. Every time you drop something, the odds are greatly increased it will be broken.

Related to that fact, every time you and others change lanes on a road, the odds of an accident increase. The more accidents you and others cause, the higher the odds you and others will be killed.

The more you talk and write, the higher the odds you will be heard or read, the higher the odds you will be misinterpreted, the higher the odds someone will become insulted or upset, the higher the odds someone will want to retaliate. Creepy thought, but there it is.

My girlfriend in our senior year of high school said: “The less you say, the

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smarter you will appear”.

I say “The more honest you are, the less contradictory you will be.”

And, the more open you are, the less misunderstood you will be. Plus, the more misunderstood you are, the more – or less – admired you will be.

The less predictable you are, the more you will be feared.

The more you document your present, the less deluded about your past you will be in the future.

Moral of the story:

Stay home, stay quiet, don’t touch anything, be a hermit, and do nothing but write in your journal.