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One of my favorite TV shows of the 1980’s was “Cheers”. I prefer shows (including comedies) that are based on personalities (“Cheers”, “M.A.S.H.”, “All in the Family”, “Andy Griffith”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “The Honeymooners”, “The Wonder Years”, etc.), NOT situations (“Sit-Coms” like “Three’s Company”, “Gilligan’s Island”, “Green Acres”… ad nauseum).

Back to “Cheers”. Tuesdays I go to the video store to pick films for the week. I like to arrive when Greg or Michelle first opens their doors. When I walk in (sometimes they see me out in my car and wave me in early) it’s sort of like walking into “Cheers”….. We like each other. We’re all here at the same time. Let’s enjoy it.  Now.

So, while I browse and read reviews in my film books, we chat.  We talk about business, films (naturally), and current events. On September 11th, I first learned of the attack BEFORE the second WTC building or the Pentagon was hit, or the third plane was downed by those brave passengers. Michelle hadn’t heard a word. When I got home, more had happened, of course. I called Michelle to fill her in.

People fully involved in our life – woven into the daily fabric of shared experiences for decades – are the exceptions. Most of our days are “NORM!” moments.  The majority of our time is spent in “circumstantial relationships”. If it wasn’t for the JOB, APPOINTMENT, CLASSROOM, BUS, WAITING ROOM, HANG OUT, or CHANCE ENCOUNTER, we’d have very few exchanges at all. It would be one seriously solo day for most of us.

I’m here to enjoy myself while I work. If “Norm” didn’t always return to “Cheers” as his watering hole, no one would yell “NORM!!!” as he walked in. No one would learn to tolerate – even savor – “Coach’s” odd, mystical, confused comments. No one would take “Cliff” aside and advise him his obsession with finding famous “faces” in common vegetables was getting pretty weird.

Let’s enjoy our time while we work or play. We’re all here at the same time anyhow.


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