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Welcome to the FUTURES Antiques website! It has grown and improved daily since 1996! Please relax, browse, and if you have questions – ASK!
Thanks, Ronn Ives, owner




Policies for FUTURES Antiques

(revised May 15, 2013)

  All customers have the responsibility to read and understand these Policies, and, by proceeding with any meeting, inspection, purchase, delivery, and/or shipment, agree to these Polices in full.

Read all of the below:



  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 1-757-619-4669, available daily 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. E.S.T. (U.S.A.)
  • A Language Translator program:
  • All appraising and professional advice is $75.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum.  (See “FAQs and Tips” under “Top Ten Questions Asked of FUTURES Antiques” for further information.)


  • FUTURES will not offer forgeries. 
  • All items are in mint, near-mint, good and working condition unless otherwise stated.


At FUTURES, I make available currently held information on many items.  Since research is an ongoing process, if established customers stay in contact, I keep them informed about their previous purchasestheir FUTURES Antiques investments – free of charge.

Web Orders:

Make certain you are accurate with all order information.  Please use English.  For each item ordered, include:

  • Item name
  • Item inventory number
  • Item price
  • Item page link

Orders can be made by email (preferred) or telephone. Items will be held for 24 hours pending payment.  Ask any and all questions about your item BEFORE its purchase.

Web Payment:

Email or phone-in your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover charge card number, its expiration date, the 3-digit code on the back, and the zip code at which you receive your charge card bills.  (This information will be destroyed after you confirm receipt of your shipment and are satisfied with your recent purchase.  No information is kept on file at FUTURES Antiques.)

For extra email protection, you have the option to send two emails.  Send the first 8 numbers of your charge card in the first email, followed immediately by a second email with the second 8 numbers of your charge card + the expiration date + the 3-digit code + the zip code at which you receive your charge card bills.  You can, of course, use this process with many businesses.  Simply alert them of your intent.

For out-of-town customers:  I need your full shipping address (and please note if this is a residence or a business location).  I will confirm receipt of all necessary information then proceed with the charge for your purchase(s).

Some people prefer to telephone FUTURES Antiques and speak directly to me, Ronn Ives, at: 1-757-619-4669, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., E.S.T..  I enjoy our chats, and your questions will help clarify our issues.

I do accept personal checks.  This eliminates a charge fee of 5% for the both of us – but creates a much slower process as I must wait for the check to arrive and “clear”.

With credit cards there is the 5% charge fee, and, Virginia residents also pay 5% sales tax (unless you are a proven, licensed dealer).

I do not use Pay Pal.


Arrangements can be made for an item to be paid off by installments via surface mail or scheduled monthly charges.  Items are retained by FUTURES Antiques until paid in full.  Each late payment will be assessed a non-refundable twenty dollar ($20.00) fee.  Three (3) late payments will be considered a Layaway in Default, at which point the item and its payments become the sole, non-returnable property of FUTURES Antiques.

Shipping and Delivery options:

Items ARE NOT priced “postpaid”.  I do not “hide” handling/shipping fees within the price of my antiques.  Packing, insurance, and shipping are additional costs tailored to your specific needs.  FUTURES will assist you in making arrangements with my professional packers, insurer, and shipper.  

After twenty+ years, I say with confidence I trust my packers to make the best decisions, but if you have special issues or questions about packing, insurance, and transport, please address them to: Nancy Lee at PakMail in Norfolk, VA., 757-626-0065.  They price, pack, insure, arrange shipping, and give me their professional discount – 100% of which I then apply to your order.  I do no packing myself (and you should be grateful for this fact.  I’m terrible at it.).  I use these PROFESSIONALS to help insure your purchases arrive as soon as possible and in the same condition they were sent.  I will not risk these wonderful, sometimes irreplaceable objects to save a dollar.

If yours is a large shipment using air or van freight, we will need your schedule of available days and times for delivery and unloading at your address, and whether you want the items carried inside/up stairs.  (Normally an extra fee is involved with the interior/multi-level deliveries.)  This information is important to the delivery people.  Pak Mail does not have a contract with bus systems.

You will receive updates when I have them.  If you have questions or concerns other than within the technical realm of packing/insuring/shipping, call or email me.

If the above is agreeable to you, initiate your purchase(s).  If you have questions, please ask now I will put your item(s) “On Hold” for 24 hours until we move forward with the purchasing procedures.  Please respond to my emails as quickly as possible.  After 24 hours of inactivity, the item will be taken off “hold” and again be made available to the public.

Items purchased at FUTURES Antiques but left unattended by the customer for a period of more than 30 days will be considered abandoned, again become the property of FUTURES Antiques, and all payments will be retained by FUTURES Antiques.

Confirmation of receipt of items:

BEFORE OPENING A SHIPMENT: if you find any damage to the shipping crate, document this damage with multiple, good quality digital photos BEFORE opening the box.  As you open the box, document this process.  Upon seeing the items yet in the box (unremoved), document these views.  ONLY THEN do you remove items from the box for further inspection (and documentation if the items were damaged).  Damage is very rare (due to my packers abilities), but the above procedure protects all of us in a claim against the shipping company.

PLEASE INFORM ME when you have received your shipments!  This is very important!


All items listed, shown, and discussed are described as accurately as possible. Any questions regarding items should be made prior to purchase. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with an item and wish to return it, you must:

  • Receive authorization from FUTURES Antiques within 7 days of receipt of item.  Digital photos of the damage (as described above) are required within this time period.
  • Return item in identical condition as received.
  • Pack, insure, and ship items in identical manner as received, and within seven days of receiving authorization for the return to FUTURES.
  • Accept responsibility of return costs.
  • If damage occurred during shipment and an insurance claim is necessary, the customer must initiate this claim with the closest local agent, and keep FUTURES informed of these proceedings. PakMail and I will do all we can to assist you in a proper claim regarding your purchased, damaged item.
  • The purchase price of an item will be returned only upon receipt of the items under the above terms (and if FUTURES Antiques is the recipient of the insurance pay out).  It is preferable that the customer/claimant receive direct payout from the insurer.
  • No returns will be accepted outside of these terms.

Local appointments for item inspection:

  • Appointments must be made a minimum of twenty four (24) hours in advance.
  • Appointment schedules must be kept at the agreed upon times.
  • IF you are late for your appointment:
  • All further scheduled appointments will be charged a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) in advance (by charge card), which will be forfeited to FUTURES Antiques if:  the next appointment is not canceled more than 12 hours in advance, arrival at an appointment is more than 30 minutes late, or an appointment is a “no-show”.
  • If an appointment is kept and a purchase occurs: 100% of the fee will be used towards the price of the item.

For the benefit of all, it is strongly suggested your initial item inquiries are thorough, appointment times are kept, and all FUTURES Antiques policies are understood and followed.

Local purchasing methods:

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, personal check, and cash are accepted.  Full payment on the item is due at the time of the approved inspection (unless a layaway) and prior to its removal from this appointment.  (Personal checks require check clearance time.  Items will not be released until all payments clear.  A second “pick up” appointment will therefore be required for check payments.)

Local appointments for item pickup:

These appointments will be arranged in the same manner and will follow the same guidelines as inspection appointments (see above).  Failure to meet the agreed upon pickup appointment schedule will result in the same penalties and item retention until all balances and fees are paid in full.

Location for item pick up will be determined by agreement between the buying customer and FUTURES Antiques.

Local delivery of items:

If delivery is required or desired, this fee will be determined by time, distance, complications, and added fees such as hired labor, rented vehicles, etc., and will be paid in advance.  Failure to meet at the agreed upon delivery schedule time will result in the same loss of the twenty dollar ($20.00) appointment fee to FUTURES Antiques PLUS any standard penalties issued from hired subcontractors.

Again, all customers have the responsibility to read and understand these Policies, and, by proceeding with any meeting, inspection, purchase, delivery, and/or shipment, agree to these Polices in full.  (Sadly, every Policy Rule listed was created over time due to people who caused unfair problems for FUTURES Antiques.)

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Compliments?  Send them on!  Most businesses only hear from their customers when something goes wrong.  That’s hardly encouraging!

Photos of your homeOn the “SHOP” page of my web site, I have a gallery entitled “Homes & Décor of FUTURES Customers & Friends”.  We ALL love to look at others homes.  Send in photos of your place!  You can remain as anonymous as you wish.

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