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The Rebels: Indiana & Arizona

July 31, 2012 by , under Larger Forces at Work.


I have lived in BOTH states in the U.S. that do NOT participate in the “Daylight Savings Time” concept… Indiana and Arizona. Bless them.

Guess what? The world spins, and while it spins it revolves around the sun – sometimes we have more light, sometimes less! GET OVER IT! Do you also want faux-control over the seasons? I mean, I love Fall… so maybe I could pressure my Virginia representatives to write a bill asking for “Fall Season Extension Time”. You know, like an extra week for Fall, which could be taken away from our hot, humid Summer. I like THAT!

Why am I even ranting about this? I’ll tell you why! Yesterday my neighbor and I were killing some of that “non-customer” time we’re seeing too much of these daze, and we got on the subject of reprogramming electronics. It’s something I hate. THAT got me on CLOCKS. THAT got me on D.S.T.. 

I said to him, “I’ll bet you I have AT LEAST 20 clocks that have to be retimed – TWICE A YEAR!!” He laughed. I guess I always sound extreme. It’s my style. But I’m not and to prove it I counted the clocks I have to deal with – clocks ON my person, clocks in vehicles, clocks in my store, clocks at home, clocks in my office… You’re laughing? You haven’t counted!? They’re on your DVD player, stereos, cell phones, dashboards, toys, walls, computers, nightstands, phone answering machines… AND TWICE A YEAR THEY NEED REPROGRAMMING, AND EACH ONE OF THEM REQUIRES A DIFFERENT SEQUENCE ON A DIFFERENT MENU!!!!!!! I hate it.

So he says: “Well, then don’t change them, just remember what time it is.”

Uh huh. Who do you think you’re talking to? Hello??? It’s ME, The Man With a Bad….. whachacallit… a Bad…. you know, when you can’t remember things……… a Bad Memory?

I said “THAT’S even MORE WORK than that damned reprogramming!”
I counted 22 of them. At least. I swear.