Things FUTURES Antiques has NOT done, does NOT do, and will NOT DO:

March 18, 2011 by , under Random Advice.

- Represent common things as higher quality, higher value designer items.
– Advise you to “invest” in smiley faces, big eyed children, and religious kitsch. (They are fun. They are NOT “investments”. FUTURES knows the difference and will help you clear up viral confusions to which you have been exposed.)
– Send you home with an “AS-IS” purchase that has hidden problems.
– Charm you into trust. If you trust FUTURES Antiques, it was earned through actions.
– Change its name and move to a new location every year or two.
– Vanish with

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sales money due its consignors.
– Ride anyone’s coat tails. Behave like a Remora sucker fish.
End of discussion.