Wal-Mart doesn’t need me

July 31, 2012 by , under Larger Forces at Work.


Unless something bad happens and it doesn’t get resolved, I ALWAYS try to give my business to the places that do a good job at a fair price, with a friendly, personal attitude, and is, preferably, an independent or local franchise business. There are already plenty of people supporting the Wal-Marts of the world. They don’t need me – not like the small stores.

Today - a day off – was composed of habits. I went to my local video store and spent about an hour choosing films I’ll watch (some with my wife) this coming week. The manager, Greg, welcomed me, we chatted, and he showed me a new photo of his freshly graduated Marine son… a good looking black man with blue eyes. He makes a striking presence.

While on my errands, I saw one of my bank tellers out on her lunch hour. We waved. I took a coupon with me to

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the nearby sandwich shop where both women employees welcomed me, and only after they made my my sandwich, did we discover my coupon expired.

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They gave me credit without my asking. I thanked them. (Id forgotten to check it with my reading glasses ON. Sigh.)

My neighborhood residents waved as I sat in the driveway cleaning years of road crud off the mag wheels of my Miata. THAT inspired me to clean the interior. While the top was down, yellow leaves fell into the car. I LIKE leaves in the car. It further blurs the idea of “interior” and “exterior” – as a convertible sports car should. It doesn’t even seem to bother my wife… in fact, on certain trips, she has helped me PICK leaves OFF the most colorful trees and “decorate” the Miata floorboards with them.

The mailman came by while I worked out in the driveway. We greeted each other and I asked if he could directly take a letter I need to mail. He could, and I thanked him.

Emails today were mainly e-chats with two old friends.

My wife, Pat, came home. I asked her how her slide presentation about “Kitchen Design Through the Years” went with the Kiwanis Club that requested her. Sounded like it went fine.

It is time to describe a day in which I wasn’t facing sociopaths, jerk-wads, crazy insistent people, and people handling unidentifiable meat in strange ways. Today was truly A Day Off.


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