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Words of Wisdom (?) from Childhood

August 18, 2012 by , under Close Encounters.

(Childhood isn’t as easy as they say)

“No, you CAN’T have a BB gun! You’ll shoot your eye out!! Now go play with your bow and steel tipped arrows, hunting knives, hatchets, steel darts, and slingshots.”

“Don’t look back! Just keep peddling forward!!”

“No, it WON’T hurt you, but don’t put it in your mouth anyhow!”

“You’re too young to like girls, so stop it.”

‘Hello, Doctor?’…”

“I can’t show you mine! I didn’t look at yours!”

“We’re here because we’re here!”

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

“Do you want to be responsible for a child in China starving?”

“Church will be good for you. We’ll meet you out front of the church when it’s done.”

“We want you to take care of your toys and your collections… money doesn’t grow on trees you know, and anyhow, you’re worked hard to collect all those beautiful things… but when we move, we’ll be throwing all of it out.”